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Nicole Russell

Best Selling Author

Non-Profit Founder

Social Impact Consultant

Youth Advocate

Nicole Russell
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About the Author

Nicole Russell is a bestselling author and lead advocate for mental health and the well-being of children. She serves as Co-Founder and Executive Director of Precious Dreams Foundation, the non-profit empowering youth in foster care and homeless shelters to self-comfort and prepare for brighter futures. She is also CEO of Pitch House Productions, her consulting agency dedicated to educating corporations on best practices for serving vulnerable populations. Russell uses her non-profit and creative tools to serve and advocate for youth through every aspect of her career. Her bestselling self-help book, Everything a Band-aid Can’t Fix, is highly regarded as a must-have for teens everywhere and has been added to the curriculum of middle and high schools nationwide. In 2020, she released Write Here & Tear, a journal designed to encourage writing and paper tearing as a healthy coping mechanism. Inspired by her personal experience with ADHD, she now encourages children who struggle with ADHD and other learning obstacles to speak up for themselves in her first children’s book, My Busy, Busy Brain.


Nicole's accolades include GLAMOUR's "Everyday Hero of the Year,” Observer's "Top 20 Heroes Under 40", Walmart's "Community Playmaker Award," as well as a featured piece recognizing her efforts in O, The Oprah Magazine. More recently, Nicole was recognized by NBC and Essence as an essential hero for her efforts to serve and support the mental health needs of thousands of youth in the U.S. shelter system during the coronavirus pandemic.


With empathy and bold leadership, Nicole aspires to teach the world how to properly serve and nurture young people’s capacity to advocate for themselves.

Everything A Band-Aid Can't Fix

Must-have tools and books for children and young adults

Books are a powerful tool to help people cope with their mental health struggles. From great books for kids and young adults to books used in schools across the nation to promote neurodiversity and self-advocacy, there is something for everyone. One of the most popular books is Everything a Band-Aid Can't Fix, which has sold over 13,000 copies to date. It provides readers with stories of resilience, hope, and self-discovery, helping them to make sense of their own mental health struggles. Whether you are looking for a book to help you cope, or to help a young person in your life, there is something for everyone.


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